This is our culture food. Cachupa
This is our culture food. Cachupa

I choose food as an object for my cultural identity because it is what our family makes to show appreciation for our own country's food. My family is from Cape Verde. There are two different types of cape Verde one is Fogo and Brya. Not all my family are from the same part, for example, I'm from Brya and my mom and dad are from Fogo. No matter even if there are two different parts of cape Verde everyone is familiar with ketchup and loves it. Since I was born my mom started making ketchup especially when I was hungry and sad. My mom and grandma are the two best makes of ketchup. I will not eat any type of catchup unless it is my mom and grandma. I really like how every culture has its own unique object that represents them. Catchup will never be unliked, it will always be my favorite cultural food.

Place(s): Cape verde

– Christopher rosa

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