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My car on the dyno
My car on the dyno

Since I was a kid I always remember family members coming to my house with loud fast cars. All of my cousins used to come to my house on the weekends with their cars. I remember some of the cars my cousins used to have and it made me want to get a car like that and drive. I finally grew up after the long years of dying to get on the road and I bought the silver car over the summer of 2020. This was the 4th car I had bought and by far was the best car I owned. Cars are something that is huge in my family culture because that is something we are all passionate about. My family is from a country named Belize and people aren’t too big on the racing over there but my family really got into the racing scene when they came to America. 
I love working on cars and making them go faster and that is something that I can say I have seen in about 2 generations in my family. There are the older cousins in my family that have done it back in their day and now there is me and a few of my other cousins that are now into the racing world. 


Place(s): Boston
Year: 1980

– Nathan

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant