This cactus represents my grandparents and fathers dedication and hard work they have shown since being here in the United States. When I visited my father's home town in Mexico where he grew up, I saw how rough the struggle was just to get by everyday. When my father moved to the United States in hopes to live a better lifestyle, my grandparents had two more boys. and my father told me the first couple of years living here in the United States it was tough. My grandparents were constantly working to give their sons the lifestyle they envisioned them having, after my father left high school he got a job to help my mother and baby sister, and he has been working hard ever since. When my uncles graduated high school they both went into the same profession, and now they are both looked up to in their fields. Whenever I see the cactus in my front yard it gives me a push and a sense of pride of where my grandparents are from, and how successful they have been since they moved here to the United States. It gives me motivation to be the best I can be and to be as successful as I can possibly be.

Year: 2000

– Omar Miguel Lozoya

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