Butterfly Clock

Butterly clock
Butterly clock

The Crack in the Butterfly Clock 
The butterfly clock has been in my grandma’s house since before I was even born. The clock has a crack in it, and let me tell you how it got the crack. It all started when we were at my grandma's house throwing a party. It was the reception for my mother's wedding. The house was packed! It was filled with people - family members and friends, but the problem started with a man who was disrespecting my uncle on my mother’s side of the family. Then my uncle and this man started to argue. My mom knew that if this didn’t stop that soon they were going to start fighting. My mom tried to stop them by telling my uncle to walk away, to ignore him, but that didn’t help at all. Then my aunty started arguing with the man’s girlfriend or wife, and the women started to fight. My mom got in the middle to separate them, but she got hit and fell.  I forgot to mention that my mom was also pregnant with my little brother at the time when this happened. The situation got crazier, and everyone started to fight! My uncle grabbed the man and slammed him against the wall, and the butterfly clock fell and it cracked. My mom, knowing that it wasn’t her house, really wanted the fight to end, so she screamed and said that everyone had to go home and that the party was over. Everyone slowly got up and left my grandma's house, and we stayed there to help clean up the mess. This is our family's story, a story that we will always remember and tell, of how my grandmother's butterfly clock became cracked.

Place(s): Cleveland OH

– Mileishka Lopez

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