Relationship: Child of im/migrant
album cover
album cover

This is one of the first albums I bought of my favorite artist BTS. This album contains 7 of their songs and also includes a picture, a cd, a poster, postcard, mini book, and a photo film. Listening to their songs, I found comfort and confidence in them. They become my friends who I can rely on even though they don’t know who I am. Their songs convey a message about loving yourself, being true to yourself, not letting others' opinions define who you are, and a lot more. Growing up in an Asian family sometimes your opinions and feelings don't matter; having someone tell you that it's okay to let others know how you feel and to just be yourself really gives me a motivation to not let those expectations of others get in the way of showing your true self. 

Place(s): Korea
Year: 2016


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant