Boxing Trophies

Some of the Trophies
Some of the Trophies

My objects are boxing trophies that belong to my grandpa. They are made from metal. Most of his trophies are rusted. Some of them have text on them, but, the text is either in Chinese or rusted mostly over.

Grandpa won them while he was in Shanghai. He was in China because he was escaping (with his mother and father) from the Nazis during World War II. He took a boat from Germany to Shanghai. The reason that my grandpa took up boxing is because in China he had to work all day, and when he was walking to where he lived at the time, some little boys kept picking on him after a couple days he got more and more angry and pushed one boy harder. The next day one little boy’s big brother came over and started beating my grandpa up. He knew he had to find some way of defense.

The trophies also show me that I have to work hard and never give up, just like my grandpa never gave up, and worked hard until he got to the United States. It also reminds me that if there are bullies or someone is not being the nicest than I remind myself that my grandpa went through the same thing and when he stood up for himself and the bullies went away. So, I should stand up for myself, and also others.  It reminds my family of the sacrifices we went through to become a family. 

My object connects to Sam’s object because they are both from China.

Year: 1941

– C

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant