The story begins with a book in 2010 when Maria arrived to United States at 11, she went in a elementary school. The trouble began when they were making presentations and she have to make a exposition in front of her class, she was trying to speak english for first time. After that her classmates were making fun of her exposition. The most of the time she went to bathroom hidden from people. She spend time reading books, she used to have a favorite one which was La estrella de un Ángel. When she was passing in front of her classmates she ignoring them just pretending that she was reading. One day the teacher write a letter in Maria’s notebook to her father to letting know that Maria never went to her class first period the next day Maria’s father decide go to the school to talk with Maria’s teacher. He was so mad to Maria the only words he said is “we going to talk at home” and he explain to her teacher that he always leave her in the school early but when he want to lo leave her into the classroom Maria always said that she have to use the bathroom before, Maria was so scared because her father is too strict, she thinks that her father won't understand that she doesn't like her classmates because the most of the time they were laughing at her. she said “no quiero ir mas a esa escuela entiendelo” Maria’s father felt bad because he remember the day he force her to go and he decide to transfer her to a different school in which can be more child like her “learning english.”

Year: 2016

– K. Mero

Relationship:  unknown unknown