Blue T-Shirt

In Attire
Little cousin wearing family t-shirt.
Little cousin wearing family t-shirt.

      Ever since I was young, my family and I have been going to family reunions. We wear blue tee-shirts with our grandparent’s last name on the front and on the back it has our lucky number. Our family’s lucky number is nine because my grandparents have nine kids, and they live on ninth street.  This object has a meaning to me because I grew up knowing that we would wear it every year to reunions; I still continue wearing it. I want this tradition to continue for years on because in the future I want to pass it down to my kids. This shirt is worn every year for the family photo, as a jersey, and representation of who we are. We play games against other family members who have different last names than us. For example, we play balloon toss, hide n seek, volleyball, and baseball. Then, we take a huge family photo. It ends up taking  30 minutes because it either doesn’t come out the way we want it or people are missing. This reunion all started due to the fact that in Mexico every year they have huge family reunions to allow everyone from U.S. to go and hang out with family in Mexico, that we may not see as often. This is the reason my aunt Lupita started one here in the U.S. she started to notice that even though we all live in Southern California. We do not visit or talk to each other like before when they were younger. She wanted to change that and allow everyone to spend a day together.

Place(s): Martin Park
Year: 1980

– J

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