Blue and white button up shirt

In Attire
Me wearing the shirt
Me wearing the shirt

Some time ago my dad gave me one of his shirts as it didn't fit him anymore. The shirt was a short sleeved button up shirt adorned with a blue and white plaid decorated with milky white buttons. At the time I received the shirt I was feeling very uncomfortable in my body as the fact that I looked very feminine didn't line up with the way I wanted to look and the way I feel. Wearing women's clothing didn't help the issue in fact it merely exacerbated it. The reason the shirt my dad gave me made me feel more comfortable and took away some of my dysphoria is because a button up shirt is traditionally masculine, and it was very big on me meaning there were a lot of wrinkles in the fabric which is something that makes me appealed to clothing. I'm very interested in the way they form, the way the look, and how shadow and lighting make them look. My attraction to the shirt wasn't only because it made me happy but also because I have a very good relationship with my dad so I was eager to be like him in as many ways as possible. 

– NP

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