Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My blanket
My blanket

When I was four to seven years old, I had this blanket that I would always carry around even though, after a while, it was riddled with small holes. My grandma on my mom’s side, who is living in Korea, had given it to me. Although it was supposed to be a diaper cloth, we had never used it as that. Sucking on the baby blue cotton edges printed with cerulean teddy bears soothed me, and prevented me from sucking on my thumb.  
With calming colors of light blue and white, it helped relieve both me and my family from my crying and wailing. This provided relief to my parent’s wearing nerves that had already been through that two times before with my brother and sister. I remember going to Chicago to visit my grandparents, and stopping by a museum in the morning. Although the day was windy, and the sunlight was bright, I managed to nap peacefully with the thin blanket covering my face like a mask.  
After a while, the blanket had grown so vital to me, it was like part of my family. Everywhere I went, the blanket went too, just like my South Korean ethnicity. I wasn’t afraid to show off my blanket, even though it was different. In the soft cloth,I will always carry around a little bit of my family, and my nationality as well. 

Year: 1999


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant