My bike was a mountain bike
My bike was a mountain bike
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2 days before my birthday, my mom wanted to surprise me by getting me a bike, so she took me to walmart to get it. After I got there, I spent a solid 10 minutes deciding which bike I should get. Then I found the perfect one. It was a mountain bike, light green and black, with gears. As soon as I got it, I wanted to ride it, but there were 2 issues. It was my first time knowing how to ride a bike, and it was getting dark outside, so I decided to wait until after my birthday.My dad also helped me because he was going to guide me on how to ride my bike. After I got on,  my dad slowly pushed me off so I would know to ride my bike on my own. I was very proud of myself. From that day on, I would ride my bike every single day. That was until I moved homes.I had gotten a summer job, and I needed to get there somehow, So then I thought of my bike. I used my bike all summer just for my work purposes, but I never really used it besides using it as my transportation. But then, one day, I had left my bike outside of my shed since summer began  because I figured I would use it every day, and so I left it. Then the next day, when I went to take my bike to work, it was not there.Losing my bike made me realize the value of something. It brought me back to the times where I would use my bike every single day. And now, I lost, I lost the gift that my mom gave me when I was 12. It made me also question myself like why did I stop riding my bike, or why didn’t I motivate myself to use my bike. I miss my bike.

Place(s): Minnapolis

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