Bible with my name on it
Bible with my name on it

 My object is a Bible given to me by my grandmother on my mom’s side, who I call Gran. She gave it to me when I was fifteen years old. Inside the cover is a long letter she wrote to me. Gran is from Mississippi, and she grew up in the Baptist Church. She is a strong believer in Jesus. Some of my family members have tried to push me into making certain decisions in my life or have given me advice that they expect me to take. But Gran in her letter told me that it was my life and that I could do whatever I want. She told me that she believed Jesus had saved her and she knew if I believed he would do the same for me. My parents are not very religious, so I was somewhat skeptical of religion from a young age. Nothing changed immediately after Gran gave me the Bible, either. Every time I saw her, she would tell me about how Jesus had helped her, but she pressured me or tried to persuade me into believing. Eventually I decided to pick up the Bible and read. I was amazed at the teachings of Jesus. I often called Gran to ask her questions about the Bible. I read the Bible every night before I slept for over a year, and I reflected on Jesus’ teachings. Finally, one day I called Gran and told her I believed. She was so happy that I had come to this myself and not by her or anyone else pressuring me. I am sure that I will try to pass on my love for Jesus to my children and grandchildren in a similar way. I want them to discover it on their own and make their own choice on their beliefs. 

– K

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more