Great-Grandfather's Bible
Great-Grandfather's Bible

My grandparents' immigration story was tossed around for generations with family from many nations, but one thing that would remain constant was the love for religion. Growing up in the South, religion has played a vital role throughout my life. From my early years, I remember the importance of self-preservation and worship. The Bible shown was my great-grandfather's; he carried this bible with him everywhere he went. During his time in the infantry as a paratrooper for the Airborne, he was a member of a gospel quartet, and he used his love for his religion and music to bring joy to his fellow soldiers. Within the Bible, he listed his triumphs as a Baptist in leading people towards a Baptist lifestyle. Furthermore, when his son joined the Navy, he was gifted the Bible as a parting gift. He too wrote of how his religious values were altered and tested during his time in the submarine. When my grandfather met my grandmother, a German immigrant, he underlined verses as the relationship progressed, creating a timeline of their relationship. No words written in the margins of the Bible were ever spoken freely outside of the book itself. Verses have been underlined for each member of my family who has received the Bible, and together, each verse speaks volumes about the time frame in which it was underlined or highlighted. It is not only a vessel for Christian values passed down through generations in our family, but it is also a time capsule of how Christianity has been perceived over the years and the impact of technology on scripture.

Place(s): North Carolina

– Samantha Pressley

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant