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The belt I won from my second fight
The belt I won from my second fight

Ever since I was a young child I have always been a fighter. Stayed out of trouble yet somehow still ended up getting into fights. About 5 years ago, my mom decided to move to Texas and I didn’t want to leave so I stayed the first 7 months after she left, then I was forced to leave New Orleans. I was very upset. I had to leave all my friends and family behind, everything I loved. When I got to Texas I began to adapt very quickly. After being there for a few months I realized that everyone or most knew at least something about the sport. I had too much pride to lose to anyone from Texas. Knowing that I am from Louisiana. I soon met this man named Showboat and he began teaching me how to box. We worked out every day. Day after day at first it was to be able to defend myself against anyone if need be. As I got more and more into the sport I began to find love for it. Watching video after video trying to comprehend and understand more. Shadow boxing every chance I got. 
I left Texas and came back to New Orleans. In Texas boxing is a much more recognized sport and it was harder to get back into it when I came back to New Orleans. I stopped boxing for a while and got into football. I am back into the sport now and I have won three fights and lost one with one win by knockout. My second fight I won a Belt and I keep it above my bed to signify my success and why I should never quit. Boxing has builded me a lot as a person and the sport is where I feel most alive. Hopefully i can pass it down to my kids as a gift from me to them.

Place(s): Texas, New Orleans
Year: 2017

– Tony Barton

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