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its a belt to hold your pants.
its a belt to hold your pants.
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Belt MiscellaneousI chose this because of my Dad, my older brother who lives in Mexico, and my little brother and then me. Honestly, any belt would work, as long as it’s the right size for us, and that it will last for a long time before we need to get another one. We all have to keep our pants up the same way to keep our chins up when we fall, and when we fall hard sometimes but always find a way to get back up, because we have a Mother and Sister to go home to. We are a family after all, and we between family always stay together, in the deepest and the shallowest of problems and difficulties. A memory that I have would be, when I was younger I would never like to use a belt. Then I started to grow and my pants would be loose so I would need a belt to told them up from falling. Now I Like to stay using them, and I use a belt when I go to church too. A meaning I think this has would be to remember to always have something to hold your pants up with. Also, another use would be to show your place in society, people were buying really expensive ones to show their rich, or they buy belts that common people can buy, but somehow they show their place in society. A description of a belt would be, black or brown strap, and a metal square with a little pole in the middle, because the strap and holes were the little poles can go in, and straps around the person's waist. Belts also have 6-7 holes and last a long time, unless the person wait grows, or they break.

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– Javier

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant