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Beads are a typical part of the Ghanaian culture. Bead making has been going on for many years.  There are three main types of beads and they are powder glass beads, translucent beads and glass painted beads. It takes about a week for a bowl of beads to be made. The beads are called Krobo beads in Ghana because they are made in the Krobo mountains by natives who live there. There are many things the beads are used for. They are for fashion, rituals and “beautification”. In my culture when a girl or boy is born, waist beads are put on the waist of the baby. The beads of the boy are removed when he starts walking. Most ethnic groups just put them on the baby . As one grows up they would need to change the beads because they might be ill fitting.As the kid grows up, they have the choice to either keep wearing it or to take it off.  Beads are also commonly used by royalty. When I was growing up, I always loved beads. When I was leaving Ghana to come to the United States, I got a lot of presents. Mostly beaded accessories. I got beaded slippers, an African print dress with beads at the waist and beads for making bracelets. Whenever I wear them I feel like I am back home.  It is a tradition in my family that I plan on sticking to.

Place(s): Ghana
Year: 2015

– Manuella Asare

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant