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When my cousin comes over we go and play basketball at the park or at my house. We play all day until it gets dark. When we play, sometimes he wins, sometimes I win. I'm older than him, but we still have fun. One time we met some people at the park. We played basketball with them until we had to leave because it was getting dark outside. Another time we went, I was winning the game at first, then he shot a three out of nowhere. When he made it, I said he was cheating but he said he wasn’t. I still think he did. The ball is brown. He got it a few weeks ago. It's really bouncy, and it’s kind of heavy but I like it. Before he got his new ball, the one we used was flat and we didn't really play. We just shot around and it was fun. We played games with the flat ball. We did dunk contests, three-point contests, and we had our sisters to be the judges to see who won the game. Then we came home and ate some food and stayed up all night playing video games. Then we woke up really early and played basketball in our hoodie and shorts 

Place(s): home

– Trustin

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