Barszcz Czerwony

A red bitter tasing soup
A red bitter tasing soup

The food that I’m doing is a soup. This soup is called Barszcz Czerwony (Bar-sh-t ch-air-phone- i) and it has something similar to dumplings in the soup, that’s called uszka (u-sh-ka). The uszka have mushed mushrooms in it and the uszki (u-sh-key) are shaped like rings. This soup came from Poland, everyone or at least most of the people in Poland eat the soup. My aunt makes Barszcz Czerwony for Christmas all the time because it’s a polish tradition. Barszcz Czerwony is made of beets, that’s what makes it red. I don’t eat the soup because it has mushrooms and the soup is not the best in my opinion. A few days ago I ate czerwony zupa(ch-air-phone-a zoup-pa), and fun fact Czerwony Zupa is the same as Barszcz Czerwony but Barszcz Czerwony  has mushrooms in it and Czerwony Zupa has eggs or mashed potatoes or both in the soup. Anyways that’s not the point, The Czerwony Zupa I ate a few days ago tasted a little spicy because my aunt probably put pepper in the soup, so Barszcz Czerwony is probably also a little spicy because Barszcz Czerwony and Czerwony Zupa are the same things but they just have one difference.   I chose the soup because I think it’s important to my family. The soup is important to my family because it’s a tradition to eat the soup on Christmas. Barszcz Czerwony teaches nothing about our culture.
A question I have for my family is why do we eat Barszcz Czerwony on christmas? Also, Why do we eat Barszcz Czerwony? Can’t we eat something better on Christmas?

Place(s): Poland

– K

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