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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A baby picture of me in a bunny outfit
A baby picture of me in a bunny outfit
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My baby pictures are something important to me because it was a time in my life that I wish to go back to because I had so many good memories like how I was at my cousins' house and how we bought silly string and got their house messy. Another memory is being chased after a dog and having to run away. And it shows me a time in my life of me being a little kid and just running around playing with my family and going to a lot of parties being dressed up in many weird outfits like a bunny suit or wearing princess outfits for Halloween. More things my baby pictures make me realize is how I was a little kid just having fun wearing wacky outfits and not caring how I look like or wanting to be in the dance show because I always wanted to dress up in a traditional Mexican dress and dance the traditional dances of Mexico. Or the picture showing me at school dress up as snow white waiting to get candy from my teachers and the other pictures showing my family dress up in many different costumes. And the pictures showing us hiking in the mountains swimming in the bodies of water we find and seeing a bear in the tree and getting to the highest point of the mountain and getting cold from the snow. Also the many parties my family had like Halloween, birthday, Cinco de Mayo, baby showers, or just having parties for fun. What I have realized is how much I've grown from my baby pictures, how I have changed from looks and how I changed personality.

Place(s): Mexico

– Samantha Bustamante

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant