Baby high chair


This baby high chair was made by my great grandpa for the kids he and my great grandma were about to have. The high chair was made of wood, with a white coat of paint all around. My great grandparents ended up having four kids, which one of the kids was my grandma. After my great grandparents youngest kid (my aunt) was grown up, my great granda wanted to keep the high chair just in case one of her kids wanted to use the high chair in the future. After my grandma was grown up and married, she had her first baby, my aunt Jenny. Since my grandma hadn't bought a high chair yet because she hadnt had enough money, she used the one that her mother (my great grandma) used for her and her siblings. My grandma ended up having two more kids, in which both used the high chair. My mom was the youngest, so once she was old enough to no use the high chair,  my grandma kept it just like her mother did. Sure enough, when my mom had me, she wanted to use the same high chair for me that most of my family has used in the last 60 decades. Once my brother was born and old enough to not have to use the high chair, my mom decided to keep it just like her grandma, and mom did before in case my brother or I want to use the high chair in the furute. 

– Brody Adams

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more