aspara dance statue

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
this is a aspara dance statue
this is a aspara dance statue

The object I am writing about is apsara dance statues.  This statue means a lot to my family because of where they came from, and where exactly they came from. My mom's side all came to Cambodia. Everyone of them immigrated to America because of the war in Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge. The bombing ordered by the US President Richard Nixon killed many civilians and Khmer Rouge soldiers. This is one reason why they moved to America before Nixon got impeached because of what he did. I'm not saying I'm grateful for what Nixon did, but if it wasn't for these bombings, my family might not have come to  America and I wouldn't have been born from my mother.  This story is really unique to me because it's different.  But when I hear other stories I really find them similar to others I heard, for example my dad's side where they were born in Puerto Rico but moved to the mainland United States . This really means a lot to me because of how good I have it here and not having to live a war where you can't win. Last and foremost the aspara dance means alot to me because it makes me happy that my family can look at it and be happy. 

Place(s): cambodia
Year: 1975

– leonardoramirez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant