Army knife

photo of knife
photo of knife
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My Great grandpa’s name is James Henry Tate and he lived in Charleston South Carolina. When I was little I would go and visit them. I would play with the turtles in the pond and I would play with little action figures that they had. My great-grandpa would also tell me stories. One time he told me that he fought in WWII. He told me that he was stationed in France and he had gotten shot in the knee. He showed me the scar and I was amazed. He showed me the purple heart medal he had got from it along with lots of other medals. He showed me a photo of him when he was in the army and he showed me a knife he had used during the war. When he died about a year later he wrote in his will what each member of the family got. He gave my cousin some of the medals and my dad one of his jackets. He gave me the knife that he carried with him throughout the war. I loved my great granpa and I always think of him when I see the knife. This is part of my identity because the patriarch of my family who fought for America gave it to me. 

Place(s): charleston sc

– walkerp

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more