Apple Pie

Apple pies before the oven
Apple pies before the oven
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A tradition is a time you can look back on and smile or laugh, a time that you spend with loved ones and usually annual, everyone has their own and for me one tradition that will always have a special place in my heart is my families annual apple pie baking. Every year on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Thursday my cousins, siblings, parents, aunts and uncles head over to my grandparents house, Grande and Pop Pop to get baking. Everyone has something to bring, my family brings the rollers, uncle Mike orders the pizza, Grande prepares the ingredients, and my parents, aunts and uncles sit, drink and play darts meanwhile, my cousins and I along with our grandparents begin to make our apple pies. My cousin Noah has his own recipe so he works alone although he may be a master baker when it comes to pies I think my pie still tops his. While preparing the pies it's difficult to keep our hands off the tasty ingredients and we usually can't. As the apples get skinned and cored we sit patiently waiting for Grande to begin mixing the apples in the pie mix and we sneak away the delicious results. Apple pie manages to gather my family together another night of the year and for that reason it is not only my favorite dessert, it is the reason this is my favorite day because we laugh we smile and we eat but in the end most importantly we get apple pie.

– Cole Pappas

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