Apollo Achievement Award

Great-grandpa's Apollo Achievement Award
Great-grandpa's Apollo Achievement Award
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I can tell from the way my mom and grandma talk about my great grandpa and the stories they tell, that he’s someone to be proud of.  His Apollo 11 Achievement Award represents why.  It represents his journey, his goals, and his achievements.  
My great grandpa on my mom’s side, David J. J. Sharp, was born in 1908 in England.  At age 16, he left England as a cabin boy on a ship.  He arrived in Canada then traveled to Detroit, Michigan where he joined his father, who had left earlier to establish a foothold there.  This was a common approach for families immigrating to new countries.
He eventually got married in 1939, and immediately after, returned to Canada to enlist in the Royal Canadian Army.  England, his home country, was being bombed by the Nazis. He served in an artillery regiment during the war calculating the angle for aiming the guns, despite having little formal education.  That was the first time he showed his aptitude for engineering.
After the war he returned to Detroit, got a job at Chrysler, and started a family.  He worked his way up becoming an engineer in the space division.  He worked on the Saturn and Apollo programs, including Apollo 11, which landed humans on the moon.
He was the start of a line of several engineers of various types in my family.  From humble beginnings he became a brilliant engineer contributing to a revolutionary historical event.  When I look at his certificate, I think of all the things he achieved, and all the things I could achieve.

Place(s): England, Canada, and Detroit
Year: 1984

– MM

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