American Passport

My great-grandfather, Leon Shahun Jr., was born in the US in 1926. This is my great-grandfather’s passport. When he was alive he loved traveling and visiting the places from which his ancestors were from. His father, Leon Sr., was from Rhodes, Greece. There is very limited info from the Shahuns in Rhodes, they don't even appear on some family lists, but the names of Leon Sr.'s parents may have been Isaac and Dona Shahun. Leon Sr. came to the United States of America around the year 1910. He appears in the 1920 census as residing in a boarding house in Memphis, Tennessee. Leon Jr.’s mother’s name was Carolena Strassner. She was born in Memphis in 1896. Her parents were Emanuel Strassner (New Orleans, 1858 - Memphis, 1911) and Amelia Sommers (New Orleans, 1859 - Memphis, 1911), who were also born and raised in the United States of America. Both of Emmanuel’s parents emigrated through New York in 1857 from Prussia. Unfortunately, not much is known about Amelia’s parents or background beyond the fact that they too emigrated to the United States before Amelia was born. As a result, my family has been in America for over 150 years.

Year: 1972

– Nicole Farchi-Segal

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