amber necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is the amber necklace.
This is the amber necklace.
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Our families all have that one sacred object because of where it was from or what it has survived. Some families have glasses, others vases, or pictures from relatives, but the object that is sacred to me is an amber ring necklace. It represents my culture because it came from where my dad immigrated from and what my heritage is. This object represents my heritage because it was made in Lietuva, which is my heritage, and made of the amber that Lietuva has loads of. This object is unique because my mom bought it for me when we were visiting Lietuva and the amber ring is meant to charm good luck when you wear it. My mom grew up in New York, and when she was 18, she went to Lietuva where she met my dad and they fell in love with each other. She had to go back to America, but she kept going back to Lietuva to be with my dad. Once they had fallen in love, they returned to America where my dad learned English and became an engineer. My family's story is unique because most people don’t know this country called Lietuva, and it tells how my mom met my dad.  My story connects to other stories by either the mom or dad having to move somewhere else to find someone that they love and want to be with.

Place(s): Lietuva or Lithuania.

– AG

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant