All-Star Mitt

This is my baby, money maker, protector, and my best friend. My All-Star mitt is more than a block of leather, it is a part of me, it’s an extension of my hand. This mitt has been with me through hard losses and errors, it was there when I needed stitches in my knee and when I sprained my rotator cuff, all three times. Although my mitt and I have been through tough times, we have both experienced the thrill of throwing out a runner, framing that one corner pitch for a strike, or sprinting at my pitcher after the third out of the last inning. I remember that day, the day I walked out of Baseball Bargains, the day I knew that this mitt would change my performance, together creating vivid memories and stories to tell for years to come. I remember jumping out of the car and sprinting into my house to grab my wooden mallet, to break in the stiff leather the way I want. I remember the feeling of accomplishment, the heavens opening up above my head and the light shining down on my game ready All-Star mitt. This mitt brings me back to times that are almost indescribable. Although some may only see it as a piece of leather, too me, its a part of me.

Year: 2015

– Eddie Pop

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