Air Jordan 1 "Gold Toe"

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Relationship: Im/migrant

This object is my favorite and most recent purchase of a pair of sneakers. I always had a passion for sneakers since I was little, but could not afford a pair. I am now a senior in high school with over 20 pairs of top brand and designer shoes, but when it all started in middle school, I was shy and afraid to communicate with peers because I was insecure about what I was wearing. I felt left out since I never had the freshest sneakers because my parents could not afford them but, it was a dream for me, to own a pair. As I grew older with kids around me who got "flyer", it motivated me to do whatever to own a pair of nice shoes. One day, I decided to sell the clothes/shoes in my closet just to barely get over retail price of a pair of shoes. Back then, since retro Jordan sneakers would be limited, it would have resell value where people were willing to pay more money for shoes they missed out on. Therefore, I was able to sell those shoes to gain profit to buy the next pair of shoes that were coming out. After that day, it has changed me as a person because I never thought that going out independently as a young teenager to buy/sell shoes with money I saved for years, would make my dream come true. Nowadays whenever I wear or purchase new shoes, I look back to when I was younger going through one of my challenges as a child that I overcame. I learned that being outgoing and motivated has showed me that hard work and motivation can help achieve anything possible. 

Place(s): New York

– Kuan Chen

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant