A picture of me and my cousins

Me and my cousins when we were little.
Me and my cousins when we were little.
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A picture of me, my cousin Angel or “Lucho”(how I liked to call him), and my cousin Vania. The picture was taken outside a house where my grandparents lived in. In that house my family has shared many Christmas’, I have seen my cousins grow up and I have received warm hugs from my grandparents that fill my soul with love. The red flowers and the rose that are in the picture remind me of my grandma Mange because she loves plants like she loved us(her grandchildren). I remember that every afternoon everybody that was in town from the family would always go to her house and we would sit in the living room talking and laughing for hours; when the night arrived my stomach felt like I had done 100 sit-ups because of how much I laughed. Vania and Angel are like my siblings. I haven't seen Lucho in 3 years but that picture reminds me of the last time I saw him. Now Vania is going to have twins and I haven't seen her either, but when I see that picture I recall how much I love them and I feel that the family will be together in my grandma’s house laughing again in less time than I think.

Place(s): Oaxaca, Mexico
Year: 2016

– Daira Cruz

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