a photo of my grandfather

Relationship: Im/migrant
photo of my grandfather
photo of my grandfather

My mom told me about my grandfather's story. I inherited his name because his name was also Efigenio. I never met him because he died the day I was born, so I never saw him. My name represents a strong person who will not be shaken and my mother wanted something that always reminds her of my grandfather. My mom said, "All, he was my superhero, especially his kindness and love." My mom also thinks that I'm already much like my grandfather in looks and personality, but something that caught her attention was that we both shared that same intelligence. His advice and teachings do not leave her mind. Until today she misses him greatly because he died so young, he was very present in the family and also in difficult times because he was her adviser.

Place(s): Brazil

– Efigenio

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant