A Gold Rose Bracelet

In Attire
bracelet with 32 beads and 1 single rose
bracelet with 32 beads and 1 single rose
Story pending

A beautiful handmade red and gold bracelet with 32 red beads and 1 single red rose in the center of the bracelet, the object holding the rose up was a plate of gold. The bracelet wasn’t too small or didn’t fit too big nor exactly but kinda big and just right. The bracelet looked gorgeous in the light, with its capturing red almost ruby colors. The gold plate came along with 2 oval beads hanging off the side of it. People would be confused to tell me that the beads were about to fall off but they weren’t even close to falling off. This bracelet holds so much meaning and emotion.
“Oh my gosh they are so beautiful, where’d you get them?” I asked, they were really pretty and I wasn’t joking about this part.“Which one do you want? They are from my grandma, she made them” They responded.“Are you really sure? They are really really pretty and it would be hard to choose between the two of them”“I'm sure,she said that I could have them and I wanted to have a matching bracelet with you. Just take one, I don’t care which one I get” They answered.
This was a really difficult choice, I wanted the bracelet to look good with whatever I wore but I didn’t want to seem picky nor ungrateful. I now look back and realize that I made an amazing choice no matter what bracelet I chose, it’s the emotion that remains inside the bracelet.
“I think that I would take the red bracelet” I requested“Then I am going to take the blue one” They smiled.

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