A cookbook from Trinidad

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad
Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad

My object is a cookbook from Trinidad it is a Multi-cultural cuisine cookbook. This object is important to my family because it was my mom’s when she came to America she brought it with her so she could make some of the recipes.  A recipe my mom makes a lot is Trinidad black cake she makes it every Christmas for her friends personally I don't like black cake but mom does sometimes i’ll help her bake .Black cake is basically a fruit cake but with browning.  Another recipe my mom makes is called Sorrel. Sorrel is a juice that is made from sorrel leaves which is boiled to make the juice I like to drink it with sparkling water.  The cookbook has different recipes from different countries some are Creole, East Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Syrian Lebanese and other caribbean islands.This cookbook is has 143 recipes and 272 pages.  My mom doesn't use it everyday only on Christmas. My favorite recipe is sugar cookies because they are really good. This object is important to me because I can make the recipes  from my mom’s country.

– Sarah Samuels

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant