97 Orchard Building Numbers

"The numbers 97 are the original numbers that were once affixed to the front door of 97 Orchard Street, when the Museum came into the building. So in 1988 when we first walked through that front door they were on the front of the build." - Dave Favaloro, Director of Curatorial Affairs 

In 1988, Anita Jacobson and Ruth Abram stumbled upon 97 Orchard Street. After years of research and preservation work, The Lower East Side Tenement Museum opened to the public in 1992. From the thousands of tenants who passed by them every day, to the millions of visitors who have walked across the threshold; these building numbers are a reminder of the change this building has witnessed over time.

Click below to listen to Dave Favaloro's full interview about the 97 Orchard building numbers. 

Place(s): Lower East Side, New York City
Year: 1988

– The Tenement Museum

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