5 dollars

Relationship: Im/migrant

 When I was a little kid every time I get five dollars and save it one day I would be rich. On a Sunday while my dad was working he had a tragic accident. At that accident one on his hands was slice in half.  We all are still wondering what kept him alive throughout this tragedy that he went through. It wasn't an easy journey for him and the rest of our family. After months in the hospital when he finally got out he had to go through physical therapy every Friday. Every Friday morning before he went to the hospital in Port au Prince, which is the capital of Haiti, he would give us five dollars as a symbol to take our mind off our worries. The reason why he would give us five dollars is because that is something that his dad use to do when he was little. whenever his dad would leave for work in another city his dad would give him five cents. He would give us five dollars and he would say here Marc told me to give you this, Marc was the name of his late father. He would always say his name as a reminder for us to always remember his father.

Place(s): saint Marc Haiti
Year: 2015

– LP

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant