2 dollars?

This bill is signed/dated at the top.
This bill is signed/dated at the top.

2 Dollars?
The two dollar bill. That is what my family believes represents rare and good luck. They normally give them or pass them down for big events such as weddings, graduations, and significant birthdays. Pretty much any big milestone and broken generational curse as my cousin would like to put it. So far, we know that this tradition in our family goes back four generations, not including mine. My great-great grandma Muggers gave them to my grandmother (Hazel) when she went to school and got married. She then passed hers down to my older cousins and my mother as well. Our family is originally from Greenville South Carolina, but my grandmother eventually moved to Philly, had my mother and then settled in Indiana. I recently made a move to Virginia on my own, and I am currently stable and in love with my boyfriend. I recently had a birthday party and all I wanted was my closest family members to be in attendance, and I got exactly what I wanted. So for my 23rd birthday, after moving away and making a way for myself to thrive and grow into the person that I see myself as, my older cousin decided to continue the tradition with me by giving me a pair of 2 dollar bills that have little notes from my family wishing me luck on my journey and as a reminder that I will always have money and I will always be safe and taken care of. I love that it isn’t something that everyone talks about in the family; it is just a tradition that is chosen to be passed down for the person that may need the encouragement the most or just needs a little push. I love my family.

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