1960s U.S. Marines Uniform

Display case with medals
Display case with medals
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My family has been apart of the military for many generations. Both of my parents were in the Navy and are now retired. My Grandpa was from Kentucky. At the time most Kentucky men would go to work in the coal mines but my Grandpa wanted nothing to do with it. He went and joined the Marines when he was 17. When the war started he was sent to Vietnam and worked as a mechanic for artillery most of his time there . He was there for at least 2 years before he was stationed in Cuba. After being in the Marines for a few years he left to go back home. Him and his friend decided to move to Indiana with nothing but a suitcase and a few bucks. There he met my Grandma. They had my dad and my aunt and raised them in Indiana. When my dad got to college he went to the Naval Academy to become a Marine but was chosen for the navy. My Grandpa is someone I look up to and I’m thankful for his service.

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