LookingForAmerica A series in Detroit, Anchorage, Salt Lake City, Siouxland, El Paso, and Northwest Arkansas.

Looking For America: What does it mean to be American in your community? Looking for America explores immigration and American identity through public art and civil discourse in communities across America.  Although immigration is a national political issue, its impact on cities and counties varies widely, and the experience of living in a diverse and changing community is not limited to traditional immigrant gateways like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Looking for America explores this dynamic by curating works from immigrant and non-immigrant artists in politically, demographically, and geographically diverse settings, and inviting local community members to respond and share their own perspectives and stories.  Looking for America is a project of New American Economy, American University School of Public Affairs, and CuriosityConnect.us. 


Your Story, Our Story

features objects that tell personal stories of American immigration and migration

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