New York, NY

 The Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee is a grassroots community building relationships to stand against hate through shared values and social action. We dismantle prejudices and inequities, and encourage curiosity and education for transformation. We then inspire and support others to do the same, because what we share is so much more powerful than what divides us. 
Our events and programs are carefully planned and implemented to be deeply engaging and interactive experiences. It is impossible to attend an MJSC event without getting lost in the moment, we call it “the MJSC experience.” Our programming inspires a transformation, a clarification, or a reflection that shifts perspectives, sheds light on harmful myths, and creates cathartic relationships.
We aim to reach all Americans through our high-impact programing. Solidarity is not the end goal, it is just the beginning of a massive change in the way we all think about each other to transform the cycle of fear and violence into love and justice. We work for a future when celebrating, marching, and serving together will be a part of every American’s life. 

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