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 The African American Alumnae/i of Vassar College (AAAVC) is an organization that connects alumni of African descent with Vassar College through networking, philanthropy, and ambassadorship. The AAAVC was founded in 1984 as a steering committee. 

The Tenement Museum was founded with the belief that every individual makes history and their actions have the capacity to impact society in both small and transformational ways. Reflecting on our own history, AAAVC will celebrate its 40th year at the upcoming triennial meeting from April 11-14, 2024. To mark the occasion, we’ve partnered with the Tenement Museum to share our own valuable stories as witnesses to and participants in history - from the first years in the mid-20th century when we began to make our presence known on the Vassar campus, to the present day. 

Through our participation in Your Story, Our Story we join the museum's digital collection of diverse stories as we use the  convenient and inspirational platform to showcase memories, accomplishments and anecdotes of life at Vassar and post-graduation endeavors. The resulting collection will allow the community to say “hello” virtually and catch up with friends.
 Your contributions will preserve memories as we reflect on our identities and learn about each other. We will Illustrate the diverse reach of a Vassar education, and discuss how Vassar helped determine who we are and the direction our lives have taken. 

 This project is being coordinated by the AAAVC Communications Committee:  Alisa Martin, ’85, Claudine Waite, ’95 & Alicia Franklin, ‘82 

Your story

Help us tell a more complete story of American immigration and migration by contributing a family object story to the collection.

Your Story, Our Story

features objects that tell personal stories of American immigration and migration

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